Sunday 31 August 2014

Settling in ...

Well we've been here 4 and a half days and we've been to the pool 6 times. What a great blessing for the boys to have that to look forward to each day! The boys are doing really well though they have both had moments of sadness. Fortunately skype has meant that Samuel has already 'seen' and spoken to his best friend! Currently we are going with the flow although Cobb Springs Primary School opens it's doors next Wednesday which means that our days will have more structure.  Once up and running Jo is hoping to get involved with some other activities which fit around Alec's responsibilities.

We've nearly made our flat into a home. Just a few pictures to put up and we'll be there. It was so beautifully prepared for us ahead of time and we are so thankful to the people here for an amazing welcome.

On our arrival we were asked to be 'house parents' in one of the houses here at Shing Mun Springs.This was an unexpected responsibility, but it's temporary! The current 'parents' had to head back to the UK for 3 weeks. But we are getting into the swing of things. We had 2 new brothers come into the house on the second day we were here, and another will arrive on Thursday. These are guys who want to get off drugs. There really is an amazing testimony of people coming off hard drugs in a pain free manner and we're seeing that as we pray for these ones too. Logistics is a tad problematic as normally the houses are fuller than ours right now and the new boys need one on one care 24/7 for the first 10 days. We are therefore a little stretched so some members of the congregation are coming to cover the lack.

I (Alec) was privileged to pray with one of the new boys earlier and to see him released not just from the drugs but also from deep seated loneliness and feelings of being inadequate.

We are on a steep learning curve in so many areas, but are excited to be out of our comfort zones.

Please pray for:

  • Jo and the boys as they start homeschooling
  • The new boys - that the Lord would meet their emotional and physical needs
  • Ah Kai - the house leader 
  • A miracle in our ability to learn Cantonese quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 26 August 2014

We're on the way.

Airport selfie. Nearly on the way.
Many tears after this happy time!

Monday 25 August 2014

First post, and first steps ...

Alec says:

Wow! The house is 'almost' clear ... it's been a slog! Online checkin complete ... and tomorrow we get on the plane. It's been a tearful couple of weeks as we've said so many goodbyes. I think tomorrow will be hard.

But the tears from leaving are mixed with much excitement about what we're going to. Our flat at St-Stephens seems to have been ready for a number of weeks and looks lovely! And this is what we feel the Lord has been calling us to, so it's a step of faith that's been backed up with many blessingsThere are some challenges ahead (learning Cantonese, being available 24 hours a day at the centre) so we want to face them head on and get stuck in!

Jo says:

As Alec said we have very mixed emotions! Being up to my neck in preparations over the last year has made it difficult to get too emotional, so we have packed plenty of tissues for the airport goodbyes. My boys will be saying goodbye to their best friends and their nanny and granny.  We know it will be difficult.  

The only thing I can say is that we are trusting in a God who knows us, loves us and has told us to go!  Our only confidence is in Him (God).  Without this faith it would seem like a ridiculous thing to do, some might even think irresponsible.  

We look forward to filling you in on the next chapter.