Thursday, 15 January 2015

Belated Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Well we've been here in Hong Kong for 4 months and we've had a full time in every way. 

Scary Alec (centre)
The Christmas period here at St. Stephen's society is full on. There have been all sorts of special events and parties to let people know what Christmas is all about ... celebrating the birth of Jesus, the only Son of God. Jo helped at a party for children and their families who attend something called Art in the Community (art/craft for the children whilst the parents attend a 'parenting' session.)  180 were expected, 300 went. 300 hundred hot meals were served including to all of the helpers who had been told there would't be enough food! On Christmas day families came in to be with their sons or husbands and about 400 of us shared the meal together ... the biggest Christmas meal we've ever been to and huge fun.  Just after Christmas we helped at the toddler group party.  About 120 families came and enjoyed face painting, bouncy castles,craft and some very scary looking clowns who made balloon of which was Alec!!!  (He only made a few children cry!)

We talked with the men in our house about what the festivities had meant to them. Some said they'd been touched to see what it means to be a family ; others said receiving a simple gift helped them understand the meaning of Christmas - Jesus being the MOST precious gift ; others just understood for the first time that Christmas was about Jesus. 

We still haven't had a chance to fully catch up after all that but the home-school holiday was good. We had some down time and the family times we had were really special, Not long enough though, and with the new-year begins a new term of home-schooling! But it's started well and the boys are getting back into the swing of things.

In the past we've done Christmas cards and a family collage. This year we're really sorry not to have had time to do the cards ... and the family collage is a bit different! But never the less, this comes with huge hugs and love from the four of us. We love and miss you and pray you have a peaceful and blessed 2015.

Alec, Jo, Samuel, Reuben (and all the house).   

(Isaiah 43:19)